Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Monday, May 31, 2010

My Hope To Wish..

I wished to be strong
But I am not
I wished to be striking
But I am not
I wished to be resourceful
But I am not
I wished to be celebrated
But I am not
I wished to be gifted
But I am not
I wished to be confined
But I am not
though my wishes remain unfulfilled
I keep on wishing with the hope that
someday somewhere somehow
at least .......
some of my wishes may come true


Some say true love
few say trust

many say understanding

other say compromise

remaining say
friendship has no horizon
to me friendship is

a ship which...

often get repaired

and ultimatly gets sunken

friendship always expects
where there is expectation
there is disappointment

disappointments are prone to repairs

but there are always exceptions


Whatever my mother said
I denied her

As much as she loved me

I ignored her

whatever she adviced me

I never paid attention

As much as she cared me

I never noticed her

she always wanted me around her
I never wanted her around me

she forgot everything for me

I forgot her for otherthings

she spared her life for me

I spared nothing for her

but now slowly

I am realizing her...
yes, I am expecting my baby